How not to ask question on a forum

Here is another person who needs to learn some netiquette (emphasis mine).

well, I will not describe my situation because it is not part of my question and has nothing directly to do with it and would only lead to false assumptions as it already did…
My question is … <snip>
Not that I am implying anything, but seeing that the discussion may drift to an entirely different topic directly, please do not return the question of why I am wanting to do this. I do know what I am doing and why I would need this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

His question would have a much better chance of being answered if he’d recognised that the people answering questions are actual people. We are volunteers, doing this to help and because some questions are actually very interesting. Treating us like helpdesk personnel is not something that we generally appreciate.

We sometimes spend a lot of effort to answer a complex question if the situation is very interesting. Or perhaps because the issue is something advanced that might be helpful to ourselves one day. Denying us the interesting bits and treating us like a bad manager treats his serfs is more likely to cause the reaction ‘well, in that case figure it out on your own’.

And apart from the fact that the motivation to answer has left me already, the thing with complex questions is that the devil is in the details. If you don’t tell us exactly what you are trying to do, and which problem you are trying to solve, then how are we supposed to know a) what causes the problem, and b) how to solve it.

EDIT: I discovered after some digging that he had asked this question before, and the original thread was closed by a moderator because it could be useful to malware authors. Personally I don’t agree with this decision. But the OP should have mentioned this in his new thread. That way we would have known something more. And it doesn’t change the fact that he should have described his problem more clearly.

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