Cold, Coffee, and Developers

We are going through an unusual spell of cold weather at the moment. It was -15C when I left for work this morning. The intense cold also caused some of the outside water pipes on our site to freeze. In particular, the ones running to the temporary trailers where I am located atm. No water -> no coffee….

Except for me, that is. I have been making my own coffee for a long time now (pouring hot water over a filter with hand ground arabica beans). This means not only am I the only one here drinking good coffee, the last 2 days I was the only one drinking coffee :D.

And I know several peopel whose day did not begin well because of it. But I didn’t gloat. Poking fun at people going through caffeine withdrawal is just too dangerous 😉

And for something compeltely different; I read this on Raymond’s blog:

Generally speaking, programmers don’t do the visual design. I mean, these are people who are lucky if they are wearing matching socks when they come to work, if they even remember to wear socks at all. And you want them to design a color scheme?

I usually manage to wear matching socks, but when it comes to choosing interior decoration, paint colors, curtains and other stuff, my wife is firmly in charge. She has a veto on my clothes too 🙂

Maybe there are people which are both great developers and great graphics designers. But I’m not one of them, for sure. I prefer command line apps, services, COM servers, drivers, and other low level stuff. I am good with code, not with graphical stuff. The rare few times I need to have a GUI, the best I can come up with is the default grey dialog based application, and a menu if I am feeling creative.

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