File a bug report and make Visual Studio a better product

If you find a bug in Visual Studio, report it on If the bug affects the version of VS that is in development at that time, there is a significant chance it will get fixed before the next release. Just this week I got confirmation that all 3 bugs that I filed in the last months have been resolved.

The first one is a nasty one. If you add an ATL project to an existing, non-empty solution, the ATL wizards will either hang the IDE or fail to work when adding an ATL object. I found a workaround for it, but it involved hand editing the solution file.

The second one is a small bug in the TR1 regex parser. No workaround, other than to restructure the regex.

And the last one was an error in the MSDN documentation about open modes with the fopen family, which counts as a bug because it triggered runtime errors.

All 3 have been fixed. I especially appreciate the first one. I am working on ATL projects, and I develop my COM server in the same solution as a couple of related non-ATL projects. So every time I work with ATL projects, I can have a warm and fuzzy feeling that because of me, VS is now a better product. 🙂

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