VMWare Server 2 Console WTF

I’ve been using VMWare Server 2 on a Vista 64 host to simulate a network environment for testing our operating procedures. Everything was working fine before I got on holiday. Now I am back for 2 weeks, and suddenly, VMWare thorws a wobbler.

Using the server console, I can start and stop local virtual machines, but whenever I try to connect to the console, I got the following error: ‘Error opening the remote virtual machine machinename:8333\16:
An unexplained error occured.

Brilliant. An error message that is as useless as a bookshelf made from mashed potatoes, that turns up without any changes to the system. And of course, googling did turn up many people with the same problem, but noone with a solution. Eventually, I found someone who suggested a solution for generic connection problems:

  1. On the host computer you need to access the network properties for vmnet1.
  2. find Internet protocol tcp/ip (v4) click properties
  3. in the window use following DNS server address enter the static ip address displayed or enter the ip address
  4. hit ok
  5. hit ok again
  6. done ! restart the machine to verify working

I have no idea why this is suddenly necessary, because the machine name is the local name and I can ping it without a problem. And VMWare consoles used to work just fine before my holiday, so I am really a bit annoyed with this. Still, the above fix worked like a charm so I am not going to complain too much.

Long time no see

It’s been a while since I blogged here. Lack of inspiration, lack of time, lack of interest… Over the past couple of months, I’ve been occupied with other stuff.

The guest bathroom needed finishing, and my wife had a number of creative ideas that looked great but also needed a lot of time. I have started doing martial arts again, and I have been practising 2 times per week, so that is another 2 evenings no available for doing tech stuff. And the little time that I had left, I didn;t feel like programming.

But now I am back. I have started participating in the MSDN forums again, and I hope to write some more articles on ATL in the near future, because ATL is just cool.

My registration for tech-ed in Berlin has also been approved last week, so I will be blogging about that in november. Last year I didn’t go, so most of the content should be new to me. Too bad they switched from Barcelona to Berlin. Spain can still be very nice in November. Then again, I won’t miss the olive oil.

Oh and in case anyone was wondering: I was re-awarded in July, so I’ll be an MVP for another year.