Installing Windows 7: Defeating the black screen

After tech-ed I am excited about developing for Windows 7, and playing with the parallel computing toolset that is going to be part of Visual Studio 2010. Since my existing partitions were already quite cramped, I thought I’d install 7 on a new disk so that I can put it on a 200 GB partition.

I bought a new 640GB Western Digital disk and set out to install Windows 7. all went fine until after the first reboot, when I got a black screen and my monitor fell in power save. I tried rebooting in safe mode but that didn’t work.

For some reason, Windows 7 can sometimes do something funky to the display settings, causing the video card to turn into a problematic mode.

After some fiddling around, I found out (thanks google) that I can press F8 to start Windows 7, and choose an option to force the video resolution to 640*480 and bot succesfully. I was then able to download the proper nvidia drivers, install them, and configure the proper display settings.

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