Back in town

I’ve decided to start blogging again, on the subject of C++. A couple of years ago, just before the release of VS2010, I had become jaded with C++. The standard was still nowhere near finalized, Visual C++ was getting none of the ‘designer’ loving.

Sure, we had C++/CLI, but only after the abomination that was Managed C++. And while C++/CLI was a decent language and indeed ‘just worked’, the only thing it was good for was writing glue code to run native code in a managed wrapper. For all other things, C# was a vastly better choice.

Fast forward a couple of years, and it is a whole new world.

The standard has finally been ratified, C++ has gotten a much needed refresher (both language and library wise), it has suddenly become hip again with Metro and the need for fast code with a small footprint, and with interesting things like PPL, AMP and ALM, there is a brave new world to be discovered. I am excited about C++ again!

I am also not typing this on my development machine or my laptop, but on the Windows 2012 Server machine that I created in the Azure cloud. It is lovely to have a performant dev machine to play with. Given the very low cost of Azure VMs, I can’t really justify buying a new development machine when the old one kicks the bucket. And that is not even considering the benefits of having access to the machine everywhere, having it patched automatically, and never having to worry about hardware problems.

Ok, I suppose noone really missed me or even knew I was gone for 3 years. I also decided to come up with a new name on my blog. The cluebatman them was getting a bit dorky. C++ programming on cloud 9 is better for now. The new C++ standard has made me happy, and I am running my dev machine in the cloud.

Still cheesy…

when I’ll come up with something better, I’ll change it.

Anyway, I’m Back!’

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