Tech-ed survival tips, 2

4)      Take your notes during the session. You get so much information that you will have forgotten a lot by the end of the session if you don’t. You’ll also forget the structure in which it was presented. Writing things down as you go along makes it much easier. If you make your notes directly on your laptop, it is even more efficient because you can write down most of the text while you are there. You’ll only need a couple of minutes after the session for editing, instead of spending 15 minutes per session. Also, while taking and editing notes into blog posts is a lot of work, it forces you to make summaries for later reference, and you’ll remember things better.

5)      Read the summaries of the sessions you are thinking to go to. Sometimes, session titles are a bit deceptive, and it is annoying if you have to leave a session after 10 minutes and then find another session to go to while they are already in progress.

6)      Session summaries are not always clear, and sometimes there are sessions scheduled in the same timeslot. Adapt your planned schedule as the week goes by. If sessions on topics A and B are scheduled the same time, and topic A was already covered in an earlier session (even if that wasn’t known in advance from the summary)it makes sense to go to session B, even if you had originally planned to go to session A.

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