Tech-ed survival tips, 3

7)      Go easy on the coffee. People tend to drink more coffee than they normally do. This has various reasons, including the fact that the coffee at tech-ed events tends to be high quality. If you do it can mess with your body in various ways.

8)      Go easy on the sugars. Every break, there are muffins, waffles, sugared snacks, and other sweets. If you start feeding a lot of sugar into your system, your slow metabolism shuts down. When the sugar has burned up, you’ll start feeling tired, drowsy and generally bad. At that point you’ll either have to get more sugar (which only makes the problem worse) or wait for your slow metabolism to kick in again. Before the latter happens, you’ll feel like crap for a while.

9)      An important point for people with one or more food allergies: do not assume that familiar dishes will be made with familiar ingredients. Case in point is the Berliner rolls they had for desert, 2 days ago. In Belgium, these are made only from buns, powdered sugar, and custard. The ones here also had a thick slice of strawberry between the bun and the custard. If I hadn’t checked, there is a possibility I might have eaten it. That would have been bad. In the same vein: if you allergic to some spices or herbs, do not assume that the ones in the dish are the ones you are familiar with.

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