XP SP3 and Internet Explorer

ielogo Perhaps it’s just me, or maybe I missed something. I was a little excited about Service Pack 3, particularly the Network Level Authentication feature made it into Remote Desktop, which means that I can force the NLA requirement for Windows Server 2008 and Terminal Service Gateways. Also the added support for WPA2 is a huge security advantage for people with wireless networks. I was happy to be able to change my wireless router to use WPA2 and still be able to support my machine that is still running XP, and this is also something Network Administrators look for.

Not to mention, it was pretty painless to install.

However, I also had Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 installed. Beta 1 was interesting, but due to some stabilities issues, I thought it was time to remove it and hope for the best in Beta 2. However, when looking at Add / Remove Programs, I saw that I could not remove it. The Uninstall button was missing. I did a little bit of digging, but I didn’t find anything online that caught my attention.

At Tech Ed 2008 though, I did talk to Jane Maliouta on the IE 8 team, and she explained to me that Service Pack 3 caused IE 8 to be un-installable. The only known work around is to remove Service Pack 3, then remove Beta 1, then put Service Pack 3 on.

Please read Jane’s blog entry on how else XP SP3 effects Internet Explorer. Service Pack 3 also prevents you from un-installing Internet Explorer 7 as well.


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