Data Bucket Pro Now Available For Windows Users

Amazon S3 is a web service that you have probably NEVER heard of.

Yet it is used by Microsoft, XEROX and many other big names… But not only companies of this size. Amazon S3 is also used by smaller companies and even home users!

So what is Amazon S3?

Simply put, Amazon are giving you access to the same network that stores their own websites and other services. This comprises of many data centers all packed with high speed servers with multiple fast connections to the Internet. And all of this is available on a pay as you go basis!

Why should I use Amazon S3?

If you have any important data, such as backups then you should use Amazon S3

If you have a website and serve large files, such as video, you should use Amazon S3

If you want to share files over the Internet, you should use Amazon S3

If you want to create download links that EXPIRE when you want them to, you should use Amazon S3

…look at the uses of Amazon S3:

How can I use Amazon S3?

To use the service you need an account with Amazon Web Services and some software on your PC. I recommend “Data Bucket Pro”.

Find out more about Amazon S3 and Data Bucket Pro TODAY!


Marc Liron – Microsoft MVP


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