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I always wanted to have an own domain, hosting mail, blog and probably some important files for me. However, I always felt the leak in time, and this direction was non primary for me. Until today.

As you probably have mentioned, the server (which is hosting was dead for approximately one week. During these 7 days my brain reorganized some tasks, and I decided to make independent blog which (theoretically) will be constantly up : ).

So let’s welcome web site. I am going to move completely on this blog, but for some period of time I will be duplicating posts to “Ab origine” as well.

3 thoughts on “Moving to”

  1. Will all due respect it was down Monday through Thursday.

    The reason I kept it offline was to be able to have a proper investigation of what happened to the site.

    If I didn’t take the time to allow support to get log files and other investigation we run the risk of having the same issue occur.

    I apologize for any inconvenience but I don’t know what else to say except I do the best I can and I’m sorry.

  2. Hello bradley!

    Yes, I agree. Everything was done correctly, and there is not need to say sorry :). I would do the same on your place. This event just pushed me in one step toward having one more copy of weblog.

    I hope the issue have been detected and appropriate actions have been done to prevent such situations. Thank you very much!

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