Better together: Connector application brings Project Server 2003 and Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server together


“The Connector synchronizes Project, Resource and Task data between the two systems. Project Managers, Resource Managers continue to work in the EPM environment while the development team works in the development environment, i.e. VSTS, and data seamlessly flows between the two systems. Updates to work items in VSTS are automatically applied to the corresponding assignments and tasks in Project Server and vice versa. Project Managers have complete control over the inflow of the actuals into the project plan. In addition, resource management functions for all development projects, like managing time and utilization for resources working across multiple projects, team staffing etc. can be performed in Project Server. Lastly, portfolio and program level reports can easily be generated for projects being executed in VSTS and managed in Project Server.”

[Download @ gotdotnet]

At the horizon: What are Microsoft’s plans for the next version of Visual Studio – code-named "Orcas"?

“Orcas” is the code name for the next version of Microsoft Visual Studio – “the next generation development tool for Windows Vista, the 2007 Office System, and the Web” as it says here.

What’s planned for “Orcas”?

So far all the content links to Brian Harry (MS)’s blog.


Want to try it early?

[Download CTP] (it’s a VPC of the Visual Studio client)

Future Directions: Service Pack 1 Beta

Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Visual Studio 2005 clients and Team Foundation Server is scheduled to release somewhere around beginning 2007 depending on the feedback of the public beta, which is available to download (see links at the bottom of this post).

What’s on the agenda for SP1?

Here’s a short compilation on fixes, improvements and new features I read about for SP1:


Note: A more comprehensive list with explanations by Brian Harry can be found here and the one by Rob Caron is located here.


A list of bug fixes of SP1 can be found here.

The KB Hotfixes included in SP1 are listed at the bottom of this post.

Visual C++ developers find the list from the C++ team right here.

Team Build

As Buck Hodges (MS) says: “For Team Build users, I’ll spare you the suspense and tell you that there are no meaningful changes in Team Build itself in SP1.  There are changes in other parts of the system, though, that will be of some benefit.

Managed Code Analysis

A list of Managed Code Analysis fixes that made it into Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Beta (or will make into the RTM) can be found here.

What about compatibility to non-SP1 client/servers?

Marcel de Vries writesyou also might want to know is that the TFS SP1  is 100% compatible with non SP1 Visual Studio installations. So there is no issue in SP1 clients connecting to non SP1 servers and visa versa.”. [read]

What about upgrading to SP1 RTM later?

Again, Marcel de Vries writesyou can install the beta of the service pack without worrying about the fact if you can install the RTM version later. The RTM can be installed after uninstalling the beta.” [read]

Download Links


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Try it: Want to test drive Team System?

There are three ways how you can get in touch with VSTS – ordered from the quickest to the most comprehensive:

  • MSDN Virtual Labs Hosted Trial: Connect remotely to a virtual system with is preinstalled with VSTS as well as some introductory exercises.
  • Preinstalled VPC Image (for MSDN Subscribers only):
    Includes Team Suite, Team Foundation Server, MS Office and MS Project.
    It’s under: Developer Tools -> Visual Studio 2005 -> English -> Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite Trial Edition (For Evaluation Only).
  • Download the 180-day trial version of Visual Studio Team Suite (Client) and Team Foundation Server and test-drive it in your environment!
    Note: You can upgrade the setup to the full version later without having to reinstall the product.
Too much work? Don’t know what to try?

Visit my dedicated VSTS training site at

Play it safe: Microsoft releases Windows Defender for WinXP/Server 2003 free of charge for Windows customers

Finally it's there: the first Version of Microsoft's Anti-Spyware tool called "Windows Defender" which is an integral part of Windows Vista and can now be downloaded separately for Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 SP1.

Brief Description

Windows Defender is a free program that helps you stay productive by protecting your computer against pop-ups, slow performance and security threats caused by spyware and other potentially unwanted software. Windows Defender no longer supports Windows 2000 as mainstream support ended in June 2005.

[Download] [Homepage]

Make it speak your language! Switch to a localized TFS version

You have the english version of TFS and would like to change to a localized one, like Korean, Japanese, German, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, and French?

No problem: just grab documentation on how to do it and the tools from this package:

Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Language Change Packages

Brief Description

The Language Change package provides international customers with the instructions and tools necessary to convert an existing Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server (English) to a localized version of Team Foundation Server.


Microsoft Knowledge Base on Team System