Communicating via Work Items or: "Description" vs. "History" fields

When working with Work Items often the questions comes up how to efficiently communicate between team members within TFS (not using e-mails) or what the difference between the Description field and the Comments field on the History tab is.
Description field
We use the description field for describing what the actual work item is all about. This information is usually filled out by the creator and only changed if something was wrong or could have been written clearer.
Comments on History field
The History field is an audit trail on the one hand – showing who changed what and when on an item as well as a discussion board where you can write a short comment to every work item change you do to this item. You can put your questions or remarks into the comments section and after hitting the save they will “walk down” to the audit trail at the bottom. This is how we solve communication between parties in TFS – without jumping out to e-mails.
(Note: I did the yellow highlighting. The original is plain black and white.)

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