Copy area and interation structure using the Area Import/Export Tool

If you look for a way to export and import your area and/or iteration structure the Team Foundation Object Model (TFOM) is your friend.

However it’s only your friend if you know where to look for.

While the export works perfectly using the WorkItemStore, the import is only possible through the ICommonStructureService (and could be used for export as well).

At the bottom you can download the source code of TFS Area Import/Export Tool.


It saves your area and/or iteration structure into a text file and lets you import it into another project (even on another Team Foundation Server).

Feedback is appreciated.

Version 1.0.2 – compiled against Team Explorer 2010

Version 1.0.1 – compiled against Team Explorer 2008
File Attachment: (25 KB)

Version 1.0.0 – compiled against Team Explorer 2005
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13 thoughts on “Copy area and interation structure using the Area Import/Export Tool”

  1. SCP: The tool uses relies on the team foundation object model only which makes it compatible with 2008 servers as well. :-)

  2. Neno, Cool tool! I have tested real quick to see if I can rely on this tool for 100+ projects in our scenario.

    Great work!

  3. This is a good tool. The only point i would like to make is it fails if there is a Area/Iteration already exists. How about ignore that and proceeding with the rest?

  4. I am trying re-populate the area and iteration with new set of values, as we are restructure out TFS projects and modules. Looks like this tool just appends the nodes to the existing nodes. May it will be good to have options either to replace the entire list.

  5. Priya – that’s right. You have to delete all areas (before?), if you want to replace them.
    When deleting, TFS will ask you to supply an new area path for existing work items that are assigned to the area node you are removing.


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