Download: Visual Studio 2005 Project Template for TFS Utilities

If you develop small utilities for Team Foundation Server a lot you might want to save some time and use a project template (see bottom for file attachment) that already comes equipped with the correct references to all Microsoft.TeamFoundation.*.dlls as well as the most important using statements and a few lines of code to get started.


Copy the ZIP file to {MyDocuments}\Visual Studio 2005\Templates\ProjectTemplates.


Create a new project and select “TFS Utility” from the “My Templates” list.


The template creates a new Windows Forms application with references to the Microsoft.TeamFoundation.*.dlls (btw: the C# compiler gets rid of all references that were not used in the project during compilation)…


… as well as a a few using statements and some code to start from.


Happy TFS tool development!

File Attachment: TFS (16 KB)

Update (Nov 13, 2011): There are updated versions available for VS 2008 and VS 2010.

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