Enabling email functionality in Team System Web Access (TSWA)

By default, the email functionality in Team System Web Access (TSWA) is disabled and users will receive the following message when trying to use it:

“Sending email is not enabled. Please contact your administrator.”


To enable you need to change TSWA’s web.config file, which can be found under %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System Web Access\Web.

  • Change the setting “sendingEmailEnabled” to true.
  • And specify your SMTP server name under “host”.


Optionally you can specify which account to use when authenticating with the SMTP server and if SSL should be enabled as well as the default email address for the sender.

Where can you use the email functionality?

You can send…

  • single work items (from the work item form)
  • multiple work items, i.e. the result of a work item query

The email function can be found in the “Tools” menu.


The “Send Email” window allows you to specify the sender’s (“From”) and receiver’s (“To”) email address, as well as subject and message.


After hitting send a message box confirms that the mail was successfully routed to the email server.


This is how the receiver will see the message if it’s about a single work item:


… or about a work item query result:



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