Ways to access Team Foundation Server

Pick your favorite tool for your task/job:

From Visual Studio:

From the command line:

From the web browser:

From Microsoft Office products:

From other platforms or IDEs:

From Windows Explorer:

From other products:

From Windows Taskbar:

(*) requires Team Explorer to be installed.
($) means the product is a commercial third party solution.

6 thoughts on “Ways to access Team Foundation Server”

  1. One addition:
    (Outlook 2003+) TeamLook* ($) by Personify Design

    We use TeamLook at work and I’ve found it very useful. It makes it drop dead easy to convert an email into a WorkItem….

  2. Hi Neno,

    Good post, it summarizes very well the ways you can access to TFS.

    In my company we’ve a mix of technologies and we want that all people use TFS. We are thinking about use SVNBridge because is the less intrusive and covers the most cases.

    Have you tried it? (I mean on daily basis) Or do you know people who is working with it?

    Thank you very much,

  3. @Greg: Thanks, there are four Outlook integrations in total right now. I put down the one that I have the best experiences with.

    @Jesus: I do have a customer that i quite happy and successful in using the SVNBridge with TortoiseSVN. Obviously you need to be aware of what is and what is not supporting with that client.


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