Q: How Do I link work items with SharePoint documents?

A: Two possible ways:

Step 1: Get the URL of the document saved in a SharePoint document library

From the project portal:

Right-click the file and select Copy Shortcut. Done.


From the Team Explorer window in Visual Studio:

Right-click the file under the Documents folder and select Properties.


The quickest way is to double-click on “Url”, then right-click the blue-marked URL on the right side and select Copy (or press Ctrl+C respectively).


Step 2: Add the link to the work item

Select Add on the work item’s Links tab:


Select the a link type of “Hyperlink”:


Paste the URL and enter a comment optionally:


Confirm with “OK”.



4 thoughts on “Q: How Do I link work items with SharePoint documents?”

  1. Ravi, what are you trying to achieve? Are you talking about how to integrate TFS with a separate SharePoint server?

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