Using TFS to develop custom SharePoint applications (revised)

TFS and MOSS - a great team?The first article is created during a real world customer engagement and answers dozens of frequently asked questions and how-tos in a real world context vs. theoretical discussions. The 2nd package addresses very common questions around setting up and using TFS features for a MOSS development project.

VSTS Rangers – SharePoint Server Custom Application Development: Document Workflow Management Project
Read about the real-world design, construction, and deployment of a custom SharePoint Server 2007 application to a mid-market enterprise customer using Team Foundation Server as an ALM platform.

VSTS Rangers – Using Team Foundation Server to Develop Custom SharePoint Products and Technologies Applications
Learn how to use TFS to support your SharePoint application development, and provide an integrated development environment and single source code repository for process activities, integrated progress reporting, and team roles.

Additionally to the existing guidance from Patterns & Practices the two teams worked together to align these stories:

patterns & practices: SharePoint Guidance

The SharePoint Guidance contains a sample implementation of an intranet application based on SharePoint Server 2007 that demonstrates solutions to many ALM challenges.

Setup up an e-mail notification on other user’s check-ins

  1. Open Alerts Editor (required TFS Power Tools to be installed locally).

    Alerts is part of TFS Power Tools by Microsoft

  2. Create new alert.

    Create a new alert to be notified by e-mail when something happens on the server.

  3. Choose “Check-In of a specific file happens”:

     A check-in alert gets fired when someone check-ins. 

  4. Enter a name for the alert subscription, the destination e-mail address, desired team project name ($/Teamproject), if applicable, as well as your account name (to be excluded).

    The Alert Definition Editor

  5. The “Filter Expression” (2nd tab) looks now similar to:

    ‘Artifacts/Artifact[starts-with(translate(@ServerItem, "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ", "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"), "$/playground")]’ <> null AND "Committer" <> ‘TFS\neno

Tool for creating direct links to TSWA

Buck Hodges from Microsoft blogged about all the possible links you can construct to point to TSWA pages.

For example the following URL opens the Work Item Editor:

Open the existing work item with ID 1234: http://mytfs:8090/wi.aspx?id=1234

To make it simple I created a small tool that helps you construct those URLs in an easy way:

Team System Web Access Link Creator

You can download the source from here:

File Attachement: