Updated Area Import/Export Tool for TFS 2010

You can download a new version of the Area Import/Export Tool, compiled against Team Explorer 2010, to be used with TFS 2010, here.

Supported Scenarios:

  • Backup area/iteration structures
  • Move area/iteration structures from one team project (or server) to another
  • Import existing areas/iteration structure from text files

Import, Export, Backup, Move Area structures easily

2 thoughts on “Updated Area Import/Export Tool for TFS 2010”

  1. I cant seem to get it to work

    I tried http://:8080/tfs/ as well as http://localhost:8080/tfs/

    It cant seem to find my team project. My project name is “TestProject1″ the server name is e6400win7\SfTFS Collection. My url http://localhost:8080/tfs/
    goes straight to this collection. When I inspect the line in the tool code: Project proj = store.Projects (line 56) I get a project count of zero. I have two projects in my collection Any ideas? Perhaps I go the nameing convention wrong when specifying the path to my project TestProject1.

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