How to add a project portal and reports to a Team Project?

Enalbe SharePoint Dashboards and Reports with TFS 2010You created the team project without a project portal and/or without reports? Or maybe you upgraded your TFS to 2010 and did not migrate the reports/portals as well and want to create new, fresh ones?

The TFS 2010 Power Tools are your friend:

  • tfpt addprojectportal – Create a project portal for an existing Team Project that doesn’t currently have one.
  • tfpt addprojectreports – Create (or overwrite) the reports for an existing Team Project.

Execute it on the command line (you will nedd to "run as admin"):

tfpt addprojectportal /server:MYTFS\DefaultCollection /teamproject
:TeamProject /processtemplate:"MSF for Agile Software Development v5.0"
All provided settings are valid.
Log file has been created at "C:\Users\Neno\AppData\Local\Temp\TeamProject
.log". Check the log for detailed results.

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