How to add a source control folder to an existing team project

When double-clicking the Source Control node of a Team Project that has no source control folder you receive the following message:

No Source Control Folder

Cannot open $/Projectname. Source control has not been configured for this team project, you do not have permission to acces it, or the team project has been moved or deleted.

The option to create a source control folder is gone!

What happened?
  • In TFS 2010 there is no option in the Team Project Creation Wizard to create a team project without source control (as it was possible in TFS 2008).
  • Therefore the prompt that asks if the user wants to recreate that folder, was removed as well.
  • Use the TFS Object Model, specifically:


  • Alternatively, I created a small command line utility that does exactly that.



Prerequisite: This tool requires Team Explorer 2010 to be installed.

(Thanks to Chandru R. from Microsoft for this tip and the support to resolve the issue)

3 thoughts on “How to add a source control folder to an existing team project”

  1. Neno, thanks for posting this. I found it very helpful after destroying the root source control folder for a team project.

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