Change notification delay setting in TFS 2010

As you probably noticed or know already, TFS 2010 by default delays all notifications (aka project alerts) by 2 minutes (as explained here).

You can change the default by setting the following key in the TFS registry (not the Windows Registry on the TFS server) to the desired number of seconds (0 = no delay, 120 = the default of 120 seconds):

/Service/Integration/Settings/NotificationJobDelay = #seconds

To change the value (in this example to 30) in the TFS registry you can use this PowerShell script or the following command line:

tfsreg.exe /server:https://yourtfs:8080/tfs /path:/Service/Integration/Settings/NotificationJobDelay /value:30

TfsReg reads and sets value in the Team Foundation Server registry.

If you don’t specify the value parameter, it will print out the current value.

Download the tool from here:

  • For Team Explorer 2010: TfsReg.exe (.ZIP, 3,53 KB)
  • For Team Explorer 2012: TfsReg.exe (.ZIP, 3,56 KB)
  • For Team Explorer 2013: TfsReg.exe (.ZIP, 11,9 KB)

Note: You need to restart the IIS app pool that TFS uses, for this change to take effect.

(Thanks to Chris Sidi for his excellent blog post on this.)

2 thoughts on “Change notification delay setting in TFS 2010”

  1. Thank you for the wonderful tip. However, I have set this by using command line argument, but still, the email gets delivered in the two minute timeframe.

    Do I need to restart anything? or am I missing something?

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