Solved: Error creating a new Test Case in VS 2010

You receive the error message:

Work item type is not valid. You must specify a valid work item type.

You cannot create a new Test Case work item


You need to import work item categories using witadmin like this:

importcategories /collection:http://server:8080/tfs/collection /p:Project /f:categories.xml

MSDN docs:

You can extract the categories.xml from the Process Template definition.

(Thanks to Ruiz Yi from MSDN Subscriber Support for his post with the solution)

2 thoughts on “Solved: Error creating a new Test Case in VS 2010”

  1. Wouldnt you only have this problem if you half upgraded an Agile or CMMI 4.2 team project template. All of the new templates would come with this out of the box. If you are not upgrading your 4.2 projects correctly you are going to have more problems.

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