How can I temporarily suspend TFS event notification mails?

There is no built-in command to achieve this.


You can turn off all e-mail alerts in the TFS Admin Console by unchecking the "Enable Email Alerts" checkbox.

Thanks Rich for making me aware of the typo!

Alternatively you could also remove disable SMTP settings via command line:

%ProgramFiles%\TFSConfig ConfigureMail  /Enabled:False|True

(Special thanks to Jim Lamb, Microsoft, for making me aware of the command line, and Martin Kulov and Tiago Pascoal for the idea to just disable the SMTP settings.)


  • 03/28/2011: Changed the command line parameters from using the SMTP settings (/FromEmailAddress:EmailAddress /SmtpHost:SMTPHostName) to just use "/Enabled:True|False" (Thanks to Rich Hundhausen for making me aware, Thanks to Jim again for providing the undocumented parameter).

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