Available Check-In-Policies for Team Foundation Server 2010

Note: This list will not be updated anymore. For TFS 2012, refer to the updated list.

Check-In Policies

Shipping as part of Team Foundation Server 2010:

  • Builds – Requires that build breaks that were created during a build must be fixed before a new check-in.
  • Code Analysis – Requires that code analysis is run before check-in. [More]
  • Testing Policy – Requires that check-in tests are completed before check-in.
  • Work Items – Requires that one or more work items be associated with the check- in.

Supplied by the TFS 2010 Power Tools (needs to be installed on all VS clients):

  • Changeset Comments Policy – Requires users to provide check-in comments.
  • Custom Path Policy – Allows you to scope other check-in policies to specific folders or file types.
  • Forbidden Patterns Policy – Prevents users from checking in files with filenames that contain forbidden characters or patterns.
  • Work Item Query Policy – Requires that the associated work items need to be part of the result of a specified work item query.
Note: When using an older version of VS (2005/2008) you need to install the corresponding version of the TFS Power Tools (VS 2005 requires 2005 Power Tools, etc.)
Developed by the Community:
But what about the "Override policy" checkbox?

There might always be an unforeseen reason why not all policies could be fulfilled.

Further reading:

Do you know another great check-in policy for TFS 2010? Let me know!


How to change update frequency of the TFS warehouse/cube

By default TFS 2010 updates its warehouse every 2 hours.

You can change the frequency by running the WarehouseControlService SOAP webservice, as explained in this article.

Furthermore the webservice exploses some more settings as well.

To force the warehouse to update immediately, you can use the TfsRefreshWarehouse tool.

To make it easier to change the default frequency, you can use this command line tool:


To shorten the interval down to 1 hour (= 3600 seconds):

TfsWarehouseController.exe /server:http://localhost:8080/tfs
/name:IncrementalProcessIntervalSeconds /value:3600

Please be aware of this warning, taken out streigt from MSDN:


If you reduce the interval to less than the default of two hours (7200 seconds), processing of the data warehouse will consume server resources more frequently. Depending on the volume of data that your deployment has to process, you may want to reduce the interval to one hour (3600 seconds) or increase it to more than two hours.

There’s also a /list parameter that shows all current settings (without making any changes):

White text on black background makes me happy...

Download the tool from here: TfsWarehouseController.exe (.ZIP, 12,00 KB)

Prerequisite: This tool requires Team Explorer 2010 to be installed.

Required Permissions: Administer Warehouse (TFS server-level permission)