Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Installation Error: Generic Trust Failure

General Trust Failure. How we love those descriptive error messages.Problem description:
Visual Studio (VS) Service Pack (SP) 1 fails with an
"Generic Trust Failure".

Probably the .ISO file is corrupt.

How to fix:
You can try to re-download the .ISO file or use the VS SP1 Web Installer (which downloads only the required patches itself) and re-apply the patch, when asked to chose between re-apply and uninstall.

More Information:
The .ISO file has the following checksums (according to Heath Stewart’s blog post):

  • SHA1: 61C2088850185EDE8E18001D1EF3E6D12DAA5692
  • CRC: C77C2A14

Updated (Sept 3rd, 2011) to include link to checksum of .ISO file. (Thanks to Ahmed Ilyas)

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