Exporting TFS Work Items to Microsoft Word (via WordToTFS)

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  1. Download and install the freeware tool AIT WordToTFS from here (registration required).

    WordToTFS - ClickOnce installation

  2. Start Microsoft Word (winword.exe). You should see a new "WordToTFS" ribbon.

    WordToTFS - Ribbon 

  3. Choose the layout template you want to use (the names correspond to TFS process templates, but it’s possible to furhter customize those layout templates).


  4. Click ‘Connect‘ on the ‘WordToTFS’ ribbon and choose a team project to connect to.

    WordToTFS - Connect to TFS 

    If the "missing mapping fields" dialog appears, you probably choose the wrong layout template (you can still change it before the next steps). 

  5. Click ‘Get Work Items" from the ribbon.
  6. On the ‘Get Work Items’ pane to the ride, select a stored query.

    WordToTFS - Get Work Items

  7. Click on ‘Find‘ button.
    Optionally, deselect work items in the list if you want to exclude them.
  8. Click on ‘Import‘ button.

    WordToTFS - Importing Work Items

    WordToTFS - Work Items in an MS Word document

  9. Enjoy!


Disclaimer: This MS Word integration is not part of Visual Studio or Team Foundation Server. The plug-in was developed by a Microsoft Partner (AIT) and not by Microsoft itself.

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