Continuous Value Delivery at Microsoft TechEd Europe 2013

TechEd Europe 2013

Here are the sessions that relate to “shorter cycle times” and continuous delivery of value:

… and some related sessions (which I referred to):

TFS Build fails with "CA0053 Error running code analysis" with its “Unable to load rule assembly”.

You can fix this, by editing the project file. Remove the following two tags from the .csproj file (they should occur at least twice: once per configuration):


Get more details here.


Error TF259137 when trying to create new Lab Environment

The Problem

When trying to create a new Lab Environment with TFS 2012, you receive the following error message:

TF259137: The following account does not have sufficient permissions to complete the operation: DOMAIN\user. The following permissions are needed to perform this action: Write.

The Solution

You can find out about the current permissions by running the following command:

tfslabconfig.exe permissions /collection:<CollectionURL>

(Replace blue parts with actual values.)

In the output, I realized that somehow the "[PROJECTNAME]\Project Administrators" group had not permissions for the team project, so I fixed it by running:

tfslabconfig.exe permissions /collection:<CollectionURL>
/Group:"[Neno]\Project Administrators" /allow:*

Hope this helps!