Updated Tools for TFS 2013

Meanwhile I updated most of my tools for TFS 2013. Here’s a list:

  • TfsClean.exe – Finds and deletes old and unused workspaces and shelvesets.
  • TfsCreateBuild.exe – Creates “fake” builds in TFS without actually running them.(e.g. can be used to store the build results from a different build system)
  • TfsExport.exe – Download files from TFVC without the need for a workspace, set modified date to last check-in date, and remove VC bindings.
  • TfsMoveDescriptions.exe – Moves text from plaintext or HTML fields to another HTML field (e.g. to copy the work item descriptions to the new System.Description field).
  • TfsRefreshWarehouse.exe – Processes the TFS Data Warehouse and Services Cube.
  • TfsReg.exe – Reads or writes values from/to the TFS registry.
  • TfsSyncIdentities.exe – Foces TFS to synchronize identities with Active Directory.
  • TfsWarehouseController.exe – Allows you to set warehouse settings (like the refresh interval).

The most convenient way to get all the tools is to download this .ZIP file: TfsToolsSuite.zip

But wait, there’s more…

Server-Side Plug-Ins:

Download all event-handlers as .ZIP file: TfsEventHandlers.zip.

TF Build Tools:

  • CreateZip.exe
  • FtpUpload.exe
  • TfbEnv.exe – Sets additional environment variables for TF Build.
  • TfbNotes.exe – Writes build report to a file.
  • TfbNuGet.exe
  • TfbSetVer.exe
  • VerifyFile.exe

Download all event-handlers as .ZIP file: TfsBuildTools.zip

Let me know if you find them useful!


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