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Team Web Access 2010 has no Documents and Reports tab

If you were wondering why the Documents and Reports tabs are missing in TWA 2010:


This is by design. Here’s how Microsoft explains it:

Portal and Reports are not necessary in TFS2010, and Web Access is included in TFS now, so Web Access does not show the content of Portal and Reports, these content is included in Project Portal.

In TFS2010, the project portal is more powerful. Project Portal will display dashbord(reports) of the project, also the documents are stored in portal. You will find that the portal is very useful in TFS2010.

We suggest that use WebAccess to manage Workitem and Build, Portal to view document and dashboad. If you are using Sharepoint 2010 with Office Web App, you can open word, excel or PPT in browser directly.

So the (new) recommandation for TFS 2010 is:

  • Team Web Access for managing Work Items, Build and Source Code
  • Project Portal for viewing Documents, Reports and Dashboards.

Screenshot of Project Dashboard (from MSF Agile):