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The Future of VSTS Modeling Tools: UML + DSL

Well if you asked me a year ago if Microsoft is going to deliver UML tools the answer would not been to positive.

As you can read in Cameron Skinner‘s blog Microsoft changed it’s views a bit. It’s not anymore about “DSL vs. UML”, but a combination of both: “the right tool for the right job”.

There will be a clean separation between the two approaches:

  • UML will be used at the high-level modeling (“logical” layer”)
  • DSL at the “physical layer”

As a result Microsoft will introduce five UML 2.1 compliant UML diagrams with the next version of VSTS and a few new DSLs. The UML diagrams are:

  • Class Diagram
  • Use Case Diagram
  • Component Diagram
  • Sequence Diagram
  • Activity Diagram

You can have a look at those on these screenshots by MVP colleague Willi.

So Microsoft is not at all moving away from DSL, but recognized the value of UML as an addition and now clearly propagates the value in using a combination of both.

The future is: UML + DSL. The “programmatic approach” as Cameron puts it.

TFS 2008 Trials: How to extend the trial?

Since Team Foundation Server 2008 was released end of November 2007 the early adopters which for some reasons have not obtained a product key yet are facing the problem of expiring trial licenses on their TFS servers.

I definitely recommend to find out when your TFS trial expires. You can use the Version Detector Tool [1], which Brian Harry [2] blogged about.

If you have trouble getting a product key in time:

  • From ten days before it expires you can extend the trial period for 30 additional days (using the tool mentioned above).
  • If that’s not enough contact Microsoft to get additional 30 days.

Eventually people will check for the expiration date before they actually learn it the “hard way”…

So: don’t be a fool, use the tool!




Future Directions: Service Pack 1 Beta

Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Visual Studio 2005 clients and Team Foundation Server is scheduled to release somewhere around beginning 2007 depending on the feedback of the public beta, which is available to download (see links at the bottom of this post).

What’s on the agenda for SP1?

Here’s a short compilation on fixes, improvements and new features I read about for SP1:


Note: A more comprehensive list with explanations by Brian Harry can be found here and the one by Rob Caron is located here.


A list of bug fixes of SP1 can be found here.

The KB Hotfixes included in SP1 are listed at the bottom of this post.

Visual C++ developers find the list from the C++ team right here.

Team Build

As Buck Hodges (MS) says: “For Team Build users, I’ll spare you the suspense and tell you that there are no meaningful changes in Team Build itself in SP1.  There are changes in other parts of the system, though, that will be of some benefit.

Managed Code Analysis

A list of Managed Code Analysis fixes that made it into Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Beta (or will make into the RTM) can be found here.

What about compatibility to non-SP1 client/servers?

Marcel de Vries writesyou also might want to know is that the TFS SP1  is 100% compatible with non SP1 Visual Studio installations. So there is no issue in SP1 clients connecting to non SP1 servers and visa versa.”. [read]

What about upgrading to SP1 RTM later?

Again, Marcel de Vries writesyou can install the beta of the service pack without worrying about the fact if you can install the RTM version later. The RTM can be installed after uninstalling the beta.” [read]

Download Links


Do you know more? Feel free to leave me a comment.

Microsoft Knowledge Base on Team System

Time to update: Team Foundation Server Release Candidate (RC) released

While the so called client SKUs (the three Team Editions plus the Team Suite) were released in November last year the TFS is targeted to release in March 2006.

Now the last planned publically available pre-release version: the Release Candidate (or short “RC”) can be downloaded from the MSDN Subscriber Downloads.

If you are using the Beta 3 Refresh right now, make sure to read the following about updating to the RC:

TFS Beta 3 released: Get started with Team System today!

Finally, Rick LaPlante announced the availability of Team Foundation Server Beta 3 which works perfectly with Visual Studio 2005 RC 1 and SQL Server 2005 Septeber CTP and comes with a “Go-Live” license and product support. The best thing is there is a migration path to Beta 3 Refresh, which will be needed to be able to work with the final RTM-bits of Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005, as well as the final versio – scheduled for 1Q 2006 – so you don’t need to be afraid that your data will be lost during update.

To get started