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Licensing Changes in TFS 2008: Creating bugs is now CAL-free!

As you can read here, creating new work items and viewing the work items that you created do not require you to buy a CAL!

Licensing Changes in Team Foundation Server / CAL 2008

Microsoft has made one licensing change in the Team Foundation Server CAL requirement with the release of VSTS 2008. The change is as follows: You do not need a CAL to access work item tracking functionality, to create new work items or view and update work items you opened.

You may do the following:

· Open a new work item of any type within the system. 

· Access to work items opened only by you.  You cannot view or access a work item opened by anyone else.

· Edit any work item you opened to clarify the original entry, change work item fields, or make annotations to the discussion of the opened work item. You cannot resolve, close or change the work item state in any way.

The change will only apply to TFS 2005 when customers are exercising downgrade rights from TFS 2008. TFS 2005 customers that purchased Software Assurance with their licenses will be able to apply this new licensing exception to their 2005 version.

Update: This client licensing exception is limited to employee’s, vendors, and contractors of the organization, not for external customers.

Happy Buyer: What’s in the TFS product box?

Ever wondered what you get when you pay the few thousand dollars for a Team Foundation Server [1]?


Contents of the Product Box:

  • Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server (1 CD with Microsoft Genuine hologram [2])
  • MSDN Library (3 CDs)


On the Team Foundation Server CD, labeled “VSTFD1″, you’ll find the following folders:

  • \: Team Foundation Server Installation [3] & Administrator’s Guides [4]
  • \atdt: Team Foundation Server (For Single-Server installations)
  • \at & \dt: Team Foundation Server – Application and Data Tier (for Dual-Server installations)
  • \build: Team Foundation Server Build (aka Team Build)
  • \KB913393: Hotfix KB913393 for ASP.NET [5]
    • “The hotfix is to be able to support large files attachments in  Currently TFS rely on this functionality to be existing and would fail if it is not.” [6]
  • \proxy: Team Foundation Proxy
  • \SQLServerKB: Hotfix KB914595 for SQL Server [7]
    • “The SQL hotfix is for analysis services to fix some issues emerging during the processing of cubes in the warehouse that affect performance and cause other undesired behaviors.” [6]
  • \tfc: Team Foundation Client (aka Team Explorer)








Try it: Want to test drive Team System?

There are three ways how you can get in touch with VSTS – ordered from the quickest to the most comprehensive:

  • MSDN Virtual Labs Hosted Trial: Connect remotely to a virtual system with is preinstalled with VSTS as well as some introductory exercises.
  • Preinstalled VPC Image (for MSDN Subscribers only):
    Includes Team Suite, Team Foundation Server, MS Office and MS Project.
    It’s under: Developer Tools -> Visual Studio 2005 -> English -> Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite Trial Edition (For Evaluation Only).
  • Download the 180-day trial version of Visual Studio Team Suite (Client) and Team Foundation Server and test-drive it in your environment!
    Note: You can upgrade the setup to the full version later without having to reinstall the product.
Too much work? Don’t know what to try?

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