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Recommendations for Virus Scanning on TFS computers

AV software can slow down your Team Foundation Server installation Anti-virus software can badly impact the performance of your Team Foundation Server. Therefore make sure the following folders are excluded from scanning for viruses:

  • TFS Version Control Cache Folder
  • Team System Web Access Cache Folder
  • SQL database folders
  • SQL backup folders

Additionally Microsoft published virus scanning recommendations for:

(Thanks to Wes to pointing me at those three articles.)

TSWA: Report view not showing all work items

By default Report View shows 100 work items only. If you have more than 100 work items in a query and you use Tools » Report View to prepare the list for printing you might notice that not all work items are shown on the report.

Here’s what Hakan Eskici, the father of Web Access, has to say about this:

There’s a limit to the number of work items we display in the “report view” for performance reasons. By default, it’s set to 100, but you can increase this by changing the following line in the web.config file:

<maxWorkitemsInReportList count="100"/>


Discover users without Visual Studio SP1 installed

Far too often people install Visual Studio SP1 before Team Explorer 2008 and therefore TE remains unpatched in the RTM state.

Luckily the ambitious TFS Admin can use the TFS Server Manager from the Power Tools package (TfsServerManager.exe in the Power Tools folder) to find those users without SP1:

Check for VS 2008 SP1 from the server

Open "Completed Requests" in TFS server manager.

Open Completed Requests

Choose "devenv.exe, 9.0.21022.8" (= RTM), devenv.exe, 9.0.30729.1 stands for SP1.

Choose devenv.exe as application

Click "Run Query" and look at the User and Client IP columns to identity your colleagues:

Run Query 



Visual Studio (devenv.exe) Version Numbers:

  • devenv.exe 9.0.30729.1 – Visual Studio 2008 SP1
  • devenv.exe 9.0.21022.8 – Visual Studio 2008
  • devenv.exe 8.0.50727.762 – Visual Studio 2005 SP1 (?)
  • devenv.exe 8.0.?? – Visual Studio 2005

Hotfix for Team Build 2008 SP1: Reducing project-to-project references in build log (KB958845)

From Aaron Hallberg blog:VS08-TeamSys-TFS_v_rgb_2

[…] change in TFS Build SP1 which reduced build log noise by cutting out the build steps for project-to-project references […] the fix in SP1 didn’t actually fix the problem, at least not completely.

[…] As such, if a project was referenced by 10 other projects the fix in SP1 would reduce the number of spurious build steps from 10*3 to 9*3 rather than removing them altogether.

A hotfix is finally available that will address the remaining parts of the problem […]

VSTS MVP colleague Mathias Olausson reports:

“before SP1 the build time was about 2h 30 min, with SP1 build time in average 65 minutes and with the build hotfix we’re now down to less than 40 minutes. The build log has changed from 5500 lines down to 550.”

Download hotfix: TFSBuild TargetsNotLogged property fails to cut down noisy builds

Additional Info: KB article 958845

Security Update for TSWA 2008 SP1

protected_83f8084f-8b20-45d5-8b17-67b0b449e38cFrom Hakan Eskici’s blog:

A security issue has been identified with Team System Web Access 2008 SP1 and we have recently published an update that fixes it.

Installation Notice

Please note that this is a full release, so you will need to uninstall any existing versions of Web Access before installing this update.

Update: Instructions to patching your installation without the need to uninstall/reinstall TSWA)

Update #2: KB article 961267 is now available.

Determining if the update is installed

Take a look at the About page (Help > About) in Web Access.
The version number will be 9.0.3275 for TSWA 2008 SP1 Update.

Download: Visual Studio Team System Web Access 2008 SP1 Power Tool

How many users can Team System Web Access support?

A: Microsoft posted a white paper on this.


From the whitepaper:

"Test results indicate that Web Access starts to hit the upper limits once the total number of work item objects in the memory is around 180. This translates to approximately 100 concurrent users with typical usage patterns."

"Test results indicate that Web Access can support up to approximately 500 users." (working with a minimum amount of data)

Download: Team System Web Access 2008 Scalability Limits White Paper

How TFSDeleteProject Works

There are some areas where data may remain behind after you use TFSDeleteProject.

  • The TFS Warehouse is untouched. In order to remove the data from the warehouse, it must be rebuilt. (It is important to notice that, when the warehouse is rebuilt all the historic build data that has been trimmed from the system will be removed.) Rebuilding the warehouse is accomplished using the command SetupWarehouse. For more information, see SetupWarehouse.
  • The build drop locations (i.e., the location where the build binaries, build log files, and test results log files are published during the build process) are untouched. Removing the build drops must be done manually.
  • Any work item tracking metadata that is shared between projects will not be deleted.
  • The version control shelve set may not be deleted if there is code in the shelve set from multiple projects.

Read the full story by Aaron Block.

Changing TFS emails to link to Team System Web Access – Part 2

If you click on a hyperlink in an TFS notification mail the following (read-only) web page comes up instead of a nice looking Team System Web Access dialog. Let’s change that!

The days before Team System Web Access


Make sure all links in the notification mails sent by TFS point to Team System Web Access (TSWA) rather than the integrated read-only web pages from TFS.

There are fourareas to look at:

  1. Work Item notification mails (has already been discussed here)
  2. Build notification mails
  3. Check-in notification mails
  4. Mails sent by Team Explorer (feature of TFS 2008 SP1)

Area 1 is part of a separate blog post, for Area 2 there are currently no equivalent steps (as stated in KB956761). Areas 3 and 4 can be accomplished through the following steps:

Step 1: Specify TSWA Uri using tfsadminutil

Set TSWA uri (as described on MSDN):

tfsadminutil configureconnections /TSWAUri:http://MyTFS:8090/

tfsadminutil configureconnections /TSWAUri

Verify URIs:

tfsadminutil configureconnections

Verify URIs

From now on all your check-in notification mails as well as mails sent via Team Explorer link to TSWA.

Unfortunately there’s one problem if we look at the check-in notification mail we’ll read:

"Details about his check-in were not available when this alert was prepared.
Select the link above to view more details about the check-in."

Before applying the hotfix

Microsoft released a hot fix to correct this behavior.

Step 2: Install hot fix

The hot fix is publically available at:

Install Hotfix - Step 1 Install Hotfix - Step 2

Install Hotfix - Step 3 Install Hotfix - Step 4


After applying the hot fix

Way better, don’t you think?