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Configuring Urban Turtle for customized process templates

Urban Turtle is a planning and task board extension to Team Web AccessYou are using Urban Turtle, and when opening the Planning Board or Task Board tab you receive the following error message:

Error Message: Errors in the configuration file currently prevent Urban Turtle from properly displaying some data (see more details).

Urban Turtle needs to be configured to support custom processes.


Urban Turtle supports the following process templates out-of-the-box:

  • MSF for Agile Software Development (English and French version)
  • Visual Studio Scrum 1.0 (English)
  • Scrum for Team System v3

For other/customized process templates/work item types, you need to supply a config file.


  • Locate the folder {ProgramFiles}\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010\Application Tier\Web Access\Web\UrbanTurtle\configuration\project’
  • Copy the .XML file of an existing process that fits most
    (do not modify the original .XML files as those are removed during uninstall/upgrade)
  • Change the copy of the .XML file to the values from your process template
  • Enjoy Urban Turtle!

Note: If you are using "MSF for CMMI Process Improvement" you can contact Urban Turtle support and they will send you a compatible configuration file to drop in the config folder.

(Thanks to Mario Cardinal and the UrbanTurtle team for this support with this.)

TF220064 when trying to upgrade to TFS 2008

I you received:

TF220064: An error occurred while the Setup program was querying the settings from the server that is running SQL Server Reporting Services. This error is most likely caused by your account not having the required administrative permissions on the server that is running Reporting Services. Click Next to try again. For more information about this error, see the installation logs. For more information about the installation logs, see “Troubleshooting Installation for Team Foundation” in the Team Foundation Installation Guide.


You probably use FQDN names for your reporting services server as explained here.


Change URI for the ReportsService to use a NETBIOS name instead of a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) – and revert it back after successful setup.


(Special thanks to Daniel Hackel who administers this environment and had to go all the upgrade trouble as well.)

Problem when upgrading to TFS 2008: Setup has detected that the specified database server is already in use by another Team Foundation Server (services) computer…

When trying to upgrade to TFS 2008 you receive the following error message on your primary AT shortly after starting the setup program

“Setup has detected that the specified database server is already in use by another Team Foundation Server (services) computer. Click OK to configure this computer as a stand-by Team Foundation Server (services) computer. Click Cancel to specify a different database server.”


You are using a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) to reference your Team Foundation Server application tier.


  1. Remove the FQDN (run the ActivateAt command with the NETBIOS name), i.e. change it back to the regular NETBIOS name.
  2. Apply the TFS 2008 upgrade.
  3. Re-apply the FQDN.


Update: There is an official KB article now.


Enjoy TFS 2008!


(Thanks to Daniel Hackel who adminsters this environment.)

Which Visual Studio Edition do I need to use TFS?

If you want Team Explorer to integrate with your existing Visual Studio IDE you need at least the Standard Edition of Visual Studio (according to the comparison sheet that Microsoft published).


Note on VSTS licensing:

Keep in mind that only the Team Editions (as well as Team Suite) comes with a client access license (CAL). You will need to buy a CAL for each user that accesses TFS using VS Std. or VS Pro.


Note for VS Express users:

You can use TFS and VS Express Edition, but Team Explorer will not integrate with the IDE but rather live in a separate Mini-Visual Studio (which will call itself ‘Standard Edition’).

Team Edition for Software Testers


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