On the value of attending a conference… Microsoft Conferences for 2007

If you search around you might encounter different opinions on the value of attending a conference.

In this day and age of fast communications and the ubiquitous internet, you might think that you can get all the information in electronic form without going trough the hassle of travel, lodging and local transportation.

But I think you might be missing the element of peer networking which I think has the highest value in terms of sharing experiences, new ways of looking at old problems, and  proven shortcuts for daunting problems.

There are some interesting conferences coming up this year:








PDC 07



MEDC is a mobile oriented conference and it is happening at the same time as MIX07 (a web oriented entanglement)

TechEd has something for everyone, and PDC07 shows some highlights of the future in programming in the MS platform

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On Vista, Fiji, and Vienna

Well, I am a happy camper (so far so good with Vista), and I am glad that is finally launching to consumers at the end of this month.  There  would be some people with higher expectations, but I think most everyone will be satisfied.

Hearing rumours about Fiji and Vienna?  Well I sincerely hope Fiji incorporates FS.

Having looked at some Orcas Specs, I think the general focus would be to design and develop at a higher level, which would allow developers to design apps that recognize voice and “interact” in a more “human like” way.

 (I do not think we will get to the Star Trek Level Voice recognition anytime soon)  but lets see the Ford announcement that will innovate Car Radio.

 Have a fun filled, exciting and happy New Year 2007