Why Doesn’t Microsoft Have A Cult Religion?


Very interesting, a question asked very often in fanatical circles…

 This post really caught my eye because once someone told me that Microsoft had no zealots!


I think Visual Studio has a few…


One thought on “Why Doesn’t Microsoft Have A Cult Religion?”

  1. I can think of at least two reasons why Microsoft has ‘lost its Zealots’. The first is that Microsoft is no longer the underdog and therefore has lost the ‘underdog advantage’. That is, folks just tend to root more heavily for the underdog than they do the monopolist with the 90% market share.

    The other issue is how Microsoft works with developers. The recent treatment of TestDriven.NET is a perfect example. It does not matter how many times your leadership jumps around the stage yelling ‘Developers, Developers, Developers….’ if you go around threatening legal action against third party contributors to your ecosystem. IBM had a similar problem with OS/2 until the mid-90’s. IBM just did not get that folks writing drivers and software for OS/2 needed to be encouraged to invest in the platform. I don’t know if they sued any developers, but they priced their SDK’s so high they didn’t have as many as they needed. IMO, threatening legal action is worse.

    Apple has had similar problems with third party treatment of ISV’s, but they have three things Microsoft does not: sex appeal, underdog status, and a userbase that’s collectively made a deliberate choice not to accept the industry ‘default’. They can get away with more.

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