TFS features and prominent blogs

One of the blogs with plentiful links and overall TFS information  is Brian Harry’s blog at I have mentioned this blog before, but If you are looking for information on the upcoming TFS 2010,  All I can say is that TFS 2010 is looking better and better by the day, and that there are some new concepts such as Team Project Collections, that will help administrators manage the TFS environment in an easier way.

Many people are dazzled and confused about getting up to speed in TFS 2010 features, I  highly recommend taking a look at the forementioned blog, not only  you get a quick and accurate overview, but also you get info from the epicenter of activity on TFS…

It covers a lot of areas, but mostly you will find information about the following topics

  • Work item hierarchy & linking
  • Improved Agile template
  • MOSS & WSS Dashboards
  • Simplified reporting
  • Improved support for parallel development
  • Rollback
  • Build queuing and pooling
  • Gated checkin
  • Simplified setup
  • Scale out of web and data tiers
  • Admin console
  • Project move/archive/restore

He also lists other blogs that have a focus on specific features such as:

Architecture (

  • Architecture Explorer
  • Layer diagram
  • Use case designer
  • Activity designer
  • Component diagram
  • Logical class designer
  • Sequence diagram
  • Modeling project system
  • UML Model explorer
  • Architecture validation during build

Development & Database (

  • Historical debugging
  • Test impact analysis
  • Improved code analysis
  • Improved profiling (especially multi-tier)
  • Database extensibility

Lab Management (,

  • Multi-tier Environment creation and management
  • Automated deployment
  • Easily manage machine pools
  • Network fencing
  • Checkpoints

Test (,

  • Test planning
  • Test case management
  • Test prioritization
  • Run management & reporting
  • Project quality reports
  • Manual test execution
  • Diagnostic recording (environment, video, etc)
  • UI Automation recording
  • Coded UI tests


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