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 Beam Me Up, Scotty

From the Twi-Fi Zone, some folks in Chicago are litigating and are claiming that WiFi is bad for your health.  

Personally speaking, if my brain isn’t yet permanently damaged from years of listening to rock and roll at the kill volume setting, I don’t think a little WiFi can do much damage.

Maybe someone should equip those who are concerned with one of those helmuts from Taken.

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Come and Get It

I know America Online isn’t the “real Internet” but folks, if you’ve selected this provider, they’ve got a FREE firewall offer

will get you some free protection.
You can’t afford NOT to have it.

 .. Or Super 6?

Netgear and D-Link both have Super G 802.11g offerings out now. D-Link’s comes via an upgrade to their Atheros based products. Firmware for the DI-624 V3 router, drivers for the NICs. Packet bursting and channel bonding are available, supposedly to double the throughput to 108 Mbps.

One problem. Super 6 is hardwired to Channel 6. Can’t set the channel. In my neighborhood there are 3 others with wireless routers on 6 all interfering with each other. So I stay on Channel 1 and 11. I’d like to try out Super G, but apparently it won’t be today…

Got Broadband? Get a Router… And a Software Firewall

I’m screaming mad and I can’t take it any more. Between my relatives and my neighbors, it’s infestation city with unprotected computers connected directly to broadband modems. Both Cable and DSL.

Worse still, the trouble shooting experts from the ISPs insist that customers disable their firewalls and remove routers and connect directly to the Internet.

Don’t do it. This puts you at risk. It’s better to have no connectivity with protection. More to follow in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

From the Twi-Fi Zone

WiFi Speed Spray can overcome the effects of pollution, increase fidelity, and provide you with the fastest wireless data transfer possible. The perfect gift for the geek who has everything?

 Who Am I?

I write a column that is published by Microsoft on the Expert Zone and a Networking MVP. I’ve decided to blog what’s happening in the wonderful world of WiFi and hoping to help push a few vendors hard enough to wake them from their current state of inertia. “Barb Bowman has been a teacher of Philosophy 101, worked in ski area design in Aspen, Colorado, and served as a production director for U.S. and U.K. wallpaper sample photography. In 1990, she partnered with a French DOS shareware writer and entered the brave new world of online services. Over the next several years, as a consultant for Prodigy Services, Barb wrote user documentation and conducted testing for Prodigy’s first Windows applications. She was part of the Internet product development team for MediaOne and later AT&T Broadband, and is currently a product development manager for Comcast High Speed Internet. Barb relaxes by shooting naturescapes with her digital camera and playing guitar and piano. She lives in New Hampshire with her Sony robot Aibo dog named Toto.”

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