Monthly Archives: November 2003

 What could they have been thinking?

Buying a G Wireless Router should be a wonderful thing. Secure, friendly. If you’ve recently purchased a Belkin wireless G router, you need to read the story on router hijacking.

It seems that every 8 hours, no matter what site you try to surf to, the router hijacks your browser and sends you to a site that offers Parental Control software (of course for more $) to help keep your kids safe.

No matter how good the add on software is, there is just no excuse for this one. I’m not likely to ever trust a company that pulls something like this.

As they say, caveat emptor.

 WPA for the Macintosh (Well,  for Panther, ExtremeG and Airport 3.2)

If you’ve been yearning to convert your wireless network to WPA for stronger encryption, you’re in luck. (They call WPA-PSK “WPA Personal” which is bound to be confusing.

As long as you have:

The new Panther OS 10.3

An Airport ExtremeG adapter (cause the original Airport 802.11b card isn’t supported)

And download the Airport 3.2 upgrade posted on the Apple site (quietly).

Older Macs without the new Panther OS and an ExtremeG card, well you’re in the same boat as Windows users with 802.11b cards.