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Wow, after waiting all this time for PUSH email for my Office Live enabled domain on Hotmail (hey MS, I pay you for this, it isn’t a FREE Hotmail account). I read that Active Sync for iPxxx devices is available. But the service is so busy that you won’t accept my sign up. Did you guys ever think about giving PAYING Office Live customers some kind of break?

Hello barb bowman,

To get Hotmail on-the-go, you recently tried to set up a service called ActiveSync from your mobile device.

We are really glad that you’re interested, but we had so many sign-ups that we had to temporarily stop accepting new ones.

We’re making constant improvements and we should be accepting new requests fairly soon. Please check the following website in about two weeks to see what’s happening:

Thanks again for using Hotmail–we’re really sorry about this delay.

The Hotmail Team

Apple treats me better!!!!


I appear to be one of the users afflicted. Existing computers that were syncing fine stopped and don’t show as registered. New computer never before synced also  can’t register. Apple Support forums with many user reports – e.g., 

Waited 1hr 32 min for chat rep who, like all first line agents in every company wanted me to jump through every hoop and blame my computer(s) – my network – my frame of mind. And finally escalated and then admitted it was an Apple problem. Then the solution was “we know, wait a few days, keep trying”. Apple, this is NOT acceptable.

Here is the chat transcript: 

  • You are chatting with Davoren K., a MobileMe Support Advisor
    • Hi, my name is Davoren K.. Welcome to Apple!
    • barb bowman: hi
    • barb bowman: when is the mobile me sync issue for windows users going to be fixed?
    • barb bowman: see
    • barb bowman: and your own support site
    • barb bowman: been down for 3 days
    • Davoren K.: Hello Barb, I see that you are having trouble syncing with Windows, is that right?
    • barb bowman: 3 computers sudfdenly stopped syncing
    • barb bowman: others are reporting this
    • Davoren K.: Have you contacted chat support about this issue before?
    • barb bowman: no
    • barb bowman: sync IS working on ipad and iphone
    • barb bowman: but stopped on computers
    • barb bowman: I am not the only one having this issue
    • Davoren K.: What type of error are you receiving?
    • barb bowman: onunable to register this computeer for syncing
    • barb bowman: on another computer, advanced suddenly shows NO computers are registered
    • barb bowman: same errors as everyone else has reported since 8/21
    • barb bowman: PLEASE look at
    • Davoren K.: May I link you to an article?
    • barb bowman: yes, but I have tried uninstalling and reinstalloing
    • barb bowman: and honestly this can’t be a local issue since it suddenly happened on ALL computers
    • barb bowman: what is the link
    • Davoren K.:
    • Davoren K.: Please inform me of the steps you have already tried.
    • barb bowman: I’ve tried nearly everything but again
    • barb bowman: how do you explain this happening to 3 computers at the same time?
    • barb bowman: in fact, I tried to set up a brand new computer
    • barb bowman: with the same problems
    • barb bowman: this is not an issue on my computers
    • barb bowman: or for the hundreds of other people reporting that sync suddenly stopped working on their windows machines
    • barb bowman: can you check the SERVER status on your side?
    • Davoren K.: We can isolate the issue by following the troubleshooting in article. The status of the MobileMe service can be found by logging into and checking the pane on the right. As of right now, all MobileMe services are active and running.
    • barb bowman: please, others have posted tht while the web shows the service as UP, other chat reps have acknowledged that there are issues for windows users
    • barb bowman: if all you can do is blame this on local issues, and read a scripted set of answers, you need to edscalate me to the next level of support
    • barb bowman: this is unacceptable
    • barb bowman: it is ludicrous when 3 computers stop working here and hundreds of others are reporting the same issue
    • barb bowman: to try to make users jump through the same hoops tht don’t fix the problem
    • Davoren K.: We need to isolate the issue using the article, as each issue can be user specific. Would you like to coninue?
    • barb bowman: I have already done verything in that article
    • barb bowman: as I already said
    • barb bowman: up to including trying with a new computer to rule out bad data on all 3 other computers
    • barb bowman: starting with a clean copy of outlook
    • barb bowman: new install of itunes and mobileme, etc.
    • barb bowman: plus trying the fixes on one of the impacted computers
    • barb bowman: on the new computer, last sync sttus is never connected
    • barb bowman: I am logged in to mobileme
    • barb bowman: when I clicked sync with MobileMe I get the error
    • barb bowman: just like I do on the already connected computers
    • barb bowman: there are no firewalls or any other add ins on the new computer
    • barb bowman: it is not a network issue
    • barb bowman: I have tried 3 different networks
    • Davoren K.: Ok. Please allow me a few minutes to consult my resources on this issue.
    • barb bowman: ok
    • Davoren K.: Thank you.
    • Davoren K.: When did this begin?
    • barb bowman: august 21 1.09pm was the last time I synced
    • barb bowman: EDT
    • Davoren K.: Ok, thank you. I will be right back with you.
    • Davoren K.: This issue requires more investigation than what we can accomplish in chat support, and engineering is aware of the issue. A fix is in the works and should be released in the next few days. Please continue to periodically try to register your computers until then.


    I’d forgotten that I’d converted many Battlestar Galactica Recorded TV files recorded using  Windows Media Center to mp4 files and stashed them away on a NAS drive.

    I just had one of those A HA moments and uploaded one of them to my iDisk in the cloud  (which comes with my MobileMe subscription).  I had been thinking of iDisk as a place in the cloud to stash files, but not as a streaming server.  I downloaded the iDisk app to my iPad (and to my iPhone) and yup, I’ve got another place to store media files that can be served to my computers and iPxxx devices over the Internet.  Apple supplies 10GB of cloud storage space (compared to the 25GB Microsoft supplies with SkyDrive, but MS doesn’t seem to have an App in the App store <G>).

    Here are a couple of captures from my iPad:




    Yesterday, I became a happy iPhone 4 user. The following tells it all, sung to the tune of "Bye Bye Blackbird"

    Back up Outlook files and so
    leaving RIM, here I go

    Bye Bye Blackberry

    Where a better phone waits for me
    Syncs so fine with MobileMe
    Bye Bye Blackberry

    RIM gave no love to Outlook 2010, see
    And to their beta they did not invite me
    The iPhone 4 was slick and bright
    The Apple staff was really nice
    Bye Bye Blackberry

    Signal is strong on AT&T
    I’d tested my iPad with 3G
    Bye Bye Blackberry

    No one at RIM would engage me,
    Or give out info that would help me,
    (Oh oh oh oh)
    Made my choice, quit that fight,
    iPhone’s working great tonight,
    Blackberry, BYE BYE