What?  Another blog on Windows Device Driver Development?  While there are a number of good blogs out there on the subject, I think mine will be a little different.  This blog will look at the process of device driver development.  A lot of the emphasis will be upon the design and development practices for creating a high quality Windows device driver.

While there will inevitably be some nitty-gritty technical stuff, most of my discussion will be targeted at a level that managers can follow.  In fact, I hope that you will point your management to the blog.  Many of the problems in driver development are caused by  the failure of management and marketing to appreciate the challenges and constraints of working in the kernel.  I should warn you though, that many of the problems are also caused by developers who do not follow well-known good practices.  This blog will discuss ways that managers, developers and Microsoft impact the quality of Windows drivers.

My background includes thirty-six years of developing device drivers.  I have worked on a number of operating system teams, as well as on compilers and other system software.  I am fanatical about driver quality–having been the software architect for a fault tolerant computer company.  Before you think “my driver won’t need that”, consider that the first driver I was paid to develop back in college for use by a graphics design class, ended up being used to display images for surgeons during heart operations!  So never assume you driver will not be critical code.

In any event, welcome and I hope you enjoy the posts.

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