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Microsoft Support for Visual Basic 6.0

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In case you’re wondering about Microsoft’s support policy for VB 6.0 (and it seems more and more of you are) you should check out Product Family Life-Cycle Guidelines for Visual Basic 6.0. Product Life-Cycle Phases Mainstream Phase Standard support offerings are available for Visual Basic 6.0, such as Premier Support, free professional telephone and online incident support… Continue reading

Caesars 24/7 – Geeks do Vegas

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We all know what developer conferences are about right? Going to the sessions, comparing hardware, discussing why Klingons didn’t have ridges on their heads during the first season of the original series. But what nobody talks about is the sexy, steamy side of developer conferences. What happens after the last discussion on exposing DataSets from web services is… Continue reading

Windows Forms FAQ

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I referred two or three people to this site when answering questions on the newsgroups today so I thought I give some blog love to George Sheppard’s Windows Forms FAQ. If you have a question related to Windows Forms (the DataGrid in particular) this site probably has the answer and a code sample to help you… Continue reading