PDC05 Day 1

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My day started with the Keynote marathon featuring Bill Gates, Jim Alchin and a host of people doing demos. Windows Vista, Linq, Office 12, Indigo (WCF) and Avalon (WPF) were the main topics covered, for a good overview of the content check out this post by Barry Gervin.

After the keynote I had a couple sessions I wanted to check out, one on Windows Forms 2.0 and one on SQL Server Service Broker. Both sessions filled up very quickly and so I was directed to the overflow rooms, for one session the overflow room was full as well and for the second I ended up getting lost and didn’t arrive until well into the session. The end result is I spent a good part of the day hanging out in the Big Room and networking with people I only see at events like this.

While I was on my trek to find the overflow room for the Service Broker talk I bumped into Mario Cardinal and we started chatting about the product. As we rode up the escalator Mario commented that with Service Broker there’s really no need for Indigo. I knew that Don Box (the guy in charge of the Indigo project) was standing right behind us so I turned to see his reaction which was kind of an interested grin. I asked Don if he was upset that all his work was now in vain, he said he didn’t care as long as people were buying Microsoft technology he was happy.

After the breakout sessions I headed over to the PDC Underground, a GrokTalk style user group meeting where several Regional Directors gave 10 to 15 minute talks on varied subjects. Oh, and there was an open bar and finger foods…. sweet.

Finally, I attended the .NET Influencer party held a the White Lotus in West Hollywood. For the most part I hung out with the people from MSDN Canada as well as the Canadian RDs and MVPs. Geeky chat, a good live band, Sparkle (a young lady – not the software), and too many Coronas… it was a fun evening.

End PDC05 Day 1 

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  1. Hi Rob,

    I knew also that Don Box was behind us and this is precisely why I have made this comment. I like to tease people and watch how they react. I was so happy that you directly asked him if he was upset. However, Don, which is obviously a fast thinker, has the last word.

    Concerning my comment, I was half serious. Don’t get me wrong, for distributed application I strongly believe that the communication API of choice is Indigo. No doubt about it. However, Service Broker is an interesting piece of software and there are business scenarios where it makes a lot of sense to use this instead of Indigo.

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