PDC05 Day 2 – Part 1

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I woke up late, just after 7:30. Too much beer and not enough sleep last night. I got to the convention center just in time to grab some breakfast but not in time for the start of the keynote so I ended up answering email and reading blogs. I’m still catching up on my blog reading, there’s just way too much going on here.

I caught two sessions in the early afternoon, Steve Lasker talking about Occasionaly-Connected Smart Clients and Anders talking about Language Integrated Query (LINQ). Steve’s talk was a slight dissapointment because it was really about SQL Server Mobile not strategies for dealing with occasionaly-connected apps (like data validation, transactions etc.). Anders talk was good because it fleshed out more of the details hinted at in yesterday’s keynote. From what I’ve seen so far I like VB’s implementation of the link stuff better than C# even though the syntax still looks strange to me.

Right now I’m going to grab some sleep before heading over to Universal Studios for the Attendee Party.

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