VB or C#? ASMX or WCF? WinForms or WPF? Ruby or Iron Python??????

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Questions, questions, questions. I know the new technology I’m seeing here at TechEd is going to lead to a bunch of questions in the form of: Should I use X or Y?

We have some leagcy questions:

  • Should I use VB or C#?
  • Should I use Business Objects or DataSets?
  • Should I build Windows apps or Web sites?

With the emerging technologies shown here at TechEd these questions get more complex and new questions emerge:

  • Should I use VB, C#, Iron Python or RubyCLR?
  • Should I build Windows apps, Web sites or Office/SharePoint apps?
  • Should I use ASMX Web Services or Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)?
  • Should I use Windows Forms or Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)?
  • Are mobile devices and the .NET Compact Framework ready for enterprise applications?
  • Where does Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) fit in?
  • and so on…

I’ve been overwhelmed trying to keep up with the new developer technology I’ve been seeing and I wanted to prepare you for the same.

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  1. Not answering your question other than “Whatever works”, but to Microsoft’s credit, my VB6 apps run just fine, even in Vista Beta 2, “right out of the box”.

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