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DevTeach 2007

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Ahhh, May in Montreal – what could be better? Well, geek talk in May in Montreal – that’s what. Yes my friends it’s time again for my favorite conference of the year, DevTeach. It is a community oriented conference with a very friendly atmosphere and it features top quality speakers from Canada and across the globe. It’s also very affordable,… Continue reading

Application Settings Made Easy with My and Visual Basic 2005

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Most applications require some configuration settings that could change over time. Classic examples would be a connection string to a database, the URL to your company web site, or the path to a log file. These settings could be stored in the application itself but this would mean that, should the setting change, the application… Continue reading

Some Specifics on Generics

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Generics are the most significant language addition to .NET 2.0. They allow for code re-use in ways not previously available and make it much easier to write type-safe, better performing code. That is, they help you turn runtime exceptions into compile-time errors while making your application run faster. Sound good? What’s the Problem?The classic example… Continue reading