Guest Blog Post on the Canadian Developers Site: Discoverability

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I’ve got a post up on the Canadian Developer’s blog talking about Discoverability and the .NET Framework.


Hmm… since this material comes from the talk I’ll be doing, I guess this is a good time to plug DevTeach. You still have time to register so you can check out a ton of great sessions given by some of the top speakers in the industry (you can check out my session too if you want).


If this hasn’t enticed you enough, I hear there may be a reunion of the Mad Mexican and Johnny “the Pimp” Bristowe. If this happens you know the smack will be laid down – it’s something you won’t want to miss.


Update: According to the comment from Donald Belcham (Robin the Boy Wonder to the Mad Mexican’s Batman), the Mad Mexican will not be able to make it to the conference. He’s either involved in some Central American revolution or somewhere wrestling for the Intercontinental Belt.



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