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PDC Postponed

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Microsoft has decided to postpone the PDC. I guess all the major new stuff was announced at MIX. From the web site: We are currently in the process of rescheduling this fall’s Professional Developer Conference. As the PDC is the definitive developer event focused on the future of the Microsoft platform, we try to align… Continue reading

Et Tu ????, then Fall Vista

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One of things I found interesting at last week’s DevTeach conference was the number of conversations that ended up as bitch sessions about Windows Vista. Issues with drivers, with intermittent bugs, with the network stack, with UAC, and on and on. The best quote (said partially tongue-in-cheek) being that because of these issues, Windows XP SP3 is going… Continue reading

TechEd 2007

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I made a last minute decision to go to TechEd this year. I need to cram on the new stuff in SharePoint and I thought this conference would be the best place to get started. After attending TechEd last year I wrote A Guide to Attending TechEd or PDC. One of the things I mentioned in… Continue reading