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ObjectSharp is Hiring

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I once said that ObjectSharp Consulting’s motto should be “Taking over the world one developer at a time” (OK, maybe you can replace the world with Toronto… for now). Well, right now we are hiring not only .NET developers of all levels but people who have associated skills (e.g. SQL Server, SharePoint, Team System, BizTalk).… Continue reading ObjectSharp is Hiring

Et Tu ????, then Fall Vista

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One of things I found interesting at last week’s DevTeach conference was the number of conversations that ended up as bitch sessions about Windows Vista. Issues with drivers, with intermittent bugs, with the network stack, with UAC, and on and on. The best quote (said partially tongue-in-cheek) being that because of these issues, Windows XP SP3 is going… Continue reading Et Tu ????, then Fall Vista

DevTeach 2007 Recap

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Another year, another DevTeach. Once again, a great week at a community oriented event. The big announcement this year is that upcoming events will be just six months apart and will be held in Vancouver and Toronto as well as Montreal. As they have done in previous years, MSDN Canada and DevTeach organizer Jean-Rene Roy hosted… Continue reading DevTeach 2007 Recap