TechEd 2007

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I made a last minute decision to go to TechEd this year. I need to cram on the new stuff in SharePoint and I thought this conference would be the best place to get started.

After attending TechEd last year I wrote A Guide to Attending TechEd or PDC. One of the things I mentioned in the post was to not worry too much about the sessions.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t go to sessions. It does mean that you shouldn’t feel you have to fill your schedule with sessions. Remember, you can get slide decks and sample code from CommNet, you’re going to get a set of DVDs with all of the recorded sessions after the conference, and many of the conference sessions are already available as webcasts. Leave a slot or two per day to visit the experts area and do some hand-on labs.

Obviously I’m not very good at taking my own advice. I just finished putting together my schedule and, unless I figure out a way to clone myself a few times, there’s no way I’m going to attend half the stuff I’m interested in. Oh well, this schedule is just a guide anyway – things always change when your actually at the event.

My Schedule

I’m going to spend a little less time networking (read partying late into the evening) so I’ll be able to get in some hands-on labs during the breakfast hours and catch the morning sessions. I will be at the big social events like the Party with Palermo and the Attendee Party at Universal Studios. I’m also going to try and make the Jam Sessions one of the nights (at least I think I am – I’m not even sure what they are at this point). If you going to be in Orlando and you want to get together and talk geek send me an email, I’m sure I can fit you in between Building Advanced Web Parts and Creating Custom Field Types on Wednesday 🙂

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